My name is Arash Nouruzi. I am a 23-year-old design enthusiast from Iran and I have just graduated from BA Design at Goldsmiths University of London. My interest within design lies at the intersection where theory meets practice. For the past three years I have trained myself to be flexible as a design practitioner in the world where skills, technologies and the tools of production are changing so rapidly.

I have engaged in a variety of design projects from service and product design to interaction design and architectural activism. My aim is to train myself to design under any given constraints and to materials my thoughts, through any medium necessary, to best communicate my ideas. While the methods, process and the outcomes of my projects varies due to the intentions and the given context, my practice remains the same_ design. 

I feel confident that design can contribute to a variety of disciplines, but at the same time design relays on those very disciplines to thrive. Just like a virus requires a living host, design too needs something to cling on to. It needs a medium to be defined through (e.g. industrial-design, interaction-design, experience-design, service-design, urban-design, healthcare-design). I would be grateful to be given a medium, through which I could continue my practice defining my practice.