Maggie’s West London

(August 2016 for two weeks)


While working on other projects, I was helping Leonora Oppenheim of Elio Studio Ltd, to prepare an installation, which was to be installed in Maggie’s West London on September 16th 2016.

During the evening of the Culture Crawl, walkers will be invited to sit at the main kitchen table and colour in a gure or a plant or flower while they have a refreshing cup of tea. This action will give people time to rest in the middle of the walk and reflect on the reasons why they are walking. On the table will be an array of paper cut outs for them to choose from. A selection of pens, pencils and paints will be available to use. Walkers can colour in their chosen cut out and/or leave a message of support on them. Before they leave each walker will be invited to stick their cut out on the large poster on the entrance wall. They will have passed this long black and white poster when they walked in. The poster will feature a series of black and white outline images of the Maggie’s centre - like a very large Maggie’s interior colouring book ready to be coloured in. As the walkers pass through the centre the poster will gradually ll up with colour, signifying the number of people who have taken part in the evening’s event.